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Hamas: Violating All International Treaties and Conventions, Israel Still Targets Civilians
Hamas: Violating All International Treaties and Conventions, Israel Still Targets Civilians
In the face of a ruthless bloody war machine, Hamas finds no alternative to armed resistance, as Israel persistently targets residential areas and buildings, killing scores of civilians, women and children every day.
Monday, November 19,2012 21:57

Fawzi Barhoum, spokesman for the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), stressed that Israel’s continued targeting and killing of civilians, destroying homes and bombing institutions "put us before options that cannot possibly exclude armed resistance, to target enemy forts and cause the enemy as heavy losses as possible, so as to win this battle for the Palestinian people and the valiant resistance, and to inflict a crushing defeat on Israeli occupation forces and their criminal leadership".

In a press statement earlier today, Barhoum said: "This unjustifiable bloody war on Gaza summons all our people, leaders and resistance-fighters in the West Bank, to fight Israeli forces with all they’ve got, everywhere, which requires greater solidarity throughout Palestine and abroad".

Barhoum called for peaceful popular actions in all Arab and Muslim countries, outside US and Israeli embassies, to expose Israeli crimes as well as US cover up and support for the continuation of such crimes.

"Arab and Muslim policymakers and stakeholders, in the light of the Arab Spring and the Islamic Renaissance, must shoulder their responsibilities and take bold and clear decisions that history will record for them for all time, away from the speeches and statements that cannot help against the murder and terrorism crimes committed against the people of Gaza."

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