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Presidency Determined to Continue National Dialogue
Presidency Determined to Continue National Dialogue
Egyptian Presidency reaffirms that right of peaceful expression is guaranteed for everyone on the second anniversary of January 25 Revolution.
Wednesday, January 23,2013 16:01

Dr. Yasser Ali, Egyptian Presidency spokesman, affirmed that national dialogue is still underway – without pause, pointing that the Presidency is keen to complete national dialogue, and that there is ongoing communication with all parties in this regard.

Ali added that national dialogue is an imperative, an indispensable mechanism for all parties and all political forces, refusing to describe national dialogue as a failure.

"Certainly there are challenges and obstacles. But then, there is no dialogue without challenges. The goal is to reach a broad-based consensus, not necessarily complete agreement."

The presidency denounced recent calls for vandalism and sabotage of public and private buildings and facilities as well as road-blocking during celebrations of the second anniversary of the January 25 Revolution.

In a press conference at the presidential headquarters on Tuesday evening, Dr. Ali said: "Sabotaging any public facility is criminal damage to property owned by the Egyptian people. However, peaceful expression is guaranteed for all.

"Egyptians should not vandalize their own facilities and institutions, especially in the honorable memory of the January 25 Revolution, which the whole world praised for its truly admirable peaceful nature. I am confident the Egyptian people are alert and aware."

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