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Freedom and Justice Party Hopes Egypt Top International Tourist Destinations
Freedom and Justice Party Hopes Egypt Top International Tourist Destinations
The Muslim Brotherhood launches domestic tourism trips to historical Luxor in upper Egypt, among efforts coordinated with the group’s political arm, the FJP, to help the country take its rightful place among the world’s top tourist destinations.
Wednesday, January 23,2013 17:50

Taking part in celebrations of the Red Sea Governorate's National Day, Helmi Al-Gazzar, Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) Secretary in Giza, affirmed the FJP’s support for tourism in Egypt.

"The rumor claiming that political parties with Islamic reference stand against tourism is a complete and utter lie. The best evidence of this is my being here, participating in the celebrations, representing the FJP, which confirms that it supports tourism and stands with the whole tourism sector and its workers, and seeks to promote it, and to cooperate with investors for the development of the sector as an important source of national income."

Gazzar pointed that the FJP will stand fully behind tourism and help it recover and restore Egypt to its leading position as a permanent, whole-year tourist destination for visitors from all countries of the world.

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood in Assiut (another historical province in upper Egypt) announced that it will be organizing trips to Luxor in support of tourism.

Separately, Ahmed Zayan, Brotherhood trip organizer, said: “The purpose of the trip is to support inbound and outbound tourism for Luxor, especially in the winter, noting that tourism is a big factor that helps the growth of the Egyptian economy.

Zayan added that he will take a number of experts and Pharaonic history and geography professors and a number of scholars and translators to communicate with tourists in Luxor and introduce them to Pharaonic history, stressing that Egypt is now in dire need of promoting tourism.


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